Twin Berlin

  • Matt Lopez - guitars, vox
  • Matt Nelson - guitars
  • James Janocha - drums
  • Nate Marsden - bass

Recorded at Leopard Studio, NY - January 2009.
Produced and Engineered by Jimmy Lonesome Goodman and Stephen George.
Mixed by Stephen George at Gimme That Sound Studio, NY


twin berlin single

Twin Berlin is a raw and edgy band which plays super catchy underground rock and roll with punk energy and attitude. With powerful riffs and an infectious distorted vocal drawl, the band delivers a fresh and raw sound to the music scene of New England. Although still young, they have been performing together with their current line-up coming together over the last year. For them it's only about music, and this results in a super rehearsed, totally in-sync unit, that is currently performing constantly throughout the Northeast United States. They have a tour of the UK scheduled for early fall 2009, after a summer tour of the US East Coast.

twin berlin
nate marsden, matt nelson, matt lopez, james janocha

Their music, performed with two guitars, bass, drums and vocals, is somewhat reminiscent of both classic punk, such as The Kinks, Ramones and Television, and modern rock, such as the White Stripes, The Libertines and Kings of Leon. However, very few bands are able to write songs that are as consistently memorable and melodic. And that is the essence of their popularity. People just really love the music.

The band frequently plays shows in the Boston/ New York area and it was through this exposure that they met producer Jimmy Lonesome Goodman, who along with his partner Gordon Raphael created the famed NY East Village recording studio called TransporterraumNYC, where The Strokes album " Is This It?" was recorded. Goodman and Twin Berlin collaborated on a four track EP entitled "The Leopard Studio EP." It was then decided: They would record the debut album at Leopard with Jimmy producing, and roll it out on his personal imprint, "King of Beasts Records", and seek a wider distribution through label partners.

With recording underway, others joined the team, most notably Stephen George, the "magic" mixer behind literally over 100 million in CD sales, Garth Hudson, the truly legendary keyboardist of the classic group "The Band" and Dylan (when he went electric at Newport) and Suzanne Hilleary, founder of WACBIZ, the music licensing firm and formerly manager of many, including Tony Bennett and Itaal Shure (composer of Santana's hit "smooth").

The first single, or the "twin single" as we call it, is two singles together on one disk. "Fake it Well" is a rock number, a bit of 70's vibe with quite a guitar riff. "Pretty From the Window" is a modern twist on a classic punk/indie vibe that just takes off. Both of these tracks were produced by Jimmy Lonesome Goodman and Stephen George, with Mr. George doing the mixes. The single is scheduled for an early July 2009 release, supported by US/UK tours.

produced by Stephen George & Jimmy "Lonesome" Goodman

Twin Single

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